Amigos de showroom

A continuación un fragmento del blog de una gran amiga nuestra, Cami Uriarte.
Entérate un poco mas de nuestra historia y amistad.
Fragmento del blog
"A really cool brand run by two brothers who are great friends of mine, they are super creative and talented in everything they do! their accesories are awesome statement pieces and they are all hand made by them all the hats, the belts which have really nice details with zippers and chunky chains will have everyone's attention when you wear them. 
(fun fact) I met them 4 years ago at a museum night where they were selling their products at a pop up shop and they asked me if I could model for them the next day -I was grounded at the time but still said yes haha- and I remember lying with my brother and saying we were going to swim and we went to the photoshoot, since then we became friends and have had some spontanous photoshoots that turned out great.
 Something funny that was totally not planned is that day of the showroom turned out to be the 4 year anniversary of the first time we worked together!
I was extremely happy to see them and to see how good their brand is doing, seeing my friends succed always makes me feel inspired and proud of them."